Thursday, February 27, 2020

One page analysis of news article provided Essay

One page analysis of news article provided - Essay Example While the Catholic Church claims that such incidents are reflective of society at large and not merely the Catholic Church, opponents argue that when Pope Benedict XVI was still functioning as a Cardinal he made frequent actions to impede the prosecution of the accused clergy members, including preventing the prosecution in the Wisconsin incidents, as well as transferring an accused sex offender in Munich to another church in 1980. While I was familiar with these scandals through the news media, the article brought my attention to the severity of the problem. The article states that, â€Å"One victim, Alessandro Vantini, told the AP last year that priests sodomized him so relentlessly he came to feel ‘as if I were dead.’† In addition, the high number of children the article indicates (200 and 67) is astonishing. The article does a solid job of presenting both sides of the controversy as the church indicates that a formal complaint was never issued and that they didn’t have a means to contact the molested children to interview them about the incidents. However, in totality it seems that there is some misconduct that has occurred and that it might be best if an outside entity was able to step in and investigate. I also seems imperative that the Papacy take immediate measures to prevent similar occurrences in the

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